Award Winning Studio Located near Royston & Cambridge Est. 1999

Artist development packages

High quality rehearsal space at affordable rates, every Friday, Saturday & Sunday.
£12 per hour

Additional equipment hire: drum kit £3/hr, piano £3/hr, amp £1/hr.
Equipment storage: £80/month.

Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Demo recording packages

At Vertical Rooms we appreciate the value of high quality demos and we’ll make sure you walk away with something inspirational to shape your sound.

Demo single
Get a day in the studio with one of our producers to create a high quality low cost demo single

£399 Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Demo EP
Three days recording and one day mixing with a producer, plus the consultancy to craft the start of something special. Up to four songs.

£1,500 Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Demo album
Up to 10 songs over 10 days with a producer and six hours of consultancy to craft the start of something special.

£3,699 Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Tuesday & Wednesday recording package
We reserve every Tuesday & Wednesday to record with one of our junior producers at a reduced rate. With our traditional uncompromising approach to quality, our junior producers will work hard to help you pursue your recording needs.
£Call for availability: 01223 207007

Cover vocal recordings
Are you a keen vocalist? Recording vocals is one our greatest passions. Our professional vocal booth and producers will bring the best out of your voice. Done to your karaoke backing track.

£69/hr (plus £10 per backing track) Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Rap and MC vocal recordings
If you’ve written your latest rhymes over a beat, and want a dope-ass vocal recording and mix balance, this package is for you.

£69/hr Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

From a home demo to a full spec studio recording, mastering can enhance your audio recordings, and take them to a special place, with the input of our amazing-sounding studios and talented producers.

£10 per minute of audio

Full quality files emailed, and £25 per master CD

Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Commercial recording packages

Commercial single
The single is the staple of any artist’s work and here at Vertical Rooms we always drive to create a single that captures your unique sound. Six hours consultancy, full mixing and valve mastering included.

£5,999 Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Commercial album
Ten songs produced for your album. This package includes career consultancy on a weekly basis during your production session, day-to-day artist support and advice on setting up your own music company.

Want to know more about this package? Call to book a consultancy spot, refundable against any session booking.

If you’re an independent artist or label, and want to add new gloss or take a fresh approach to an original recording, why not book us to create a masterpiece for you.

Priced on duration and producer points. Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Studio rental packages
Studio hire by the hour, minimum booking half a day
Studio 1: £37.50/hr unassisted hire
Studio 1 £49.99/hr including in-house engineer
Studio 2: £29/hr unassisted hire
Studio 2: £35/hr including assistant engineer

Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Band tracking

If you’re a producer working on a live band who needs a Logic/ProTools suite with up to three great spec recording areas at a low cost, we have you covered. Plug-in and play philosophy with no added stress. Includes studio assistant.

From £275 per eight-hour day

Call 01223207007 or email for more info.


If you’re producing at home on your own system, but you need a little input to finish your mix, this is the option is for you. Send your mix to us as audio stems and our in-house producers will transform it into a masterpiece!

£399 – Classic VR mixdown by one of our amazing in-house producers.
£699 – Studio 1 VR mixdown with our award-winning founder Pete Brazier.

Call 01223207007 or email for more info.

Vertical Rooms studio equipment used include:
Includes: Protools/HD, LogicX, Ableton, Waves, Yamaha, TLaudio, Neumann, Steinway, Fender , Waves , Rhodes, Ensoniq , Roland , Yamaha , Mackie , SSL , Oberheim ,Akai , Novation , S.E. , Shure and many more.


We have worked with, alongside and for:


Faithless, Madu, Mark Owen, Robert Miles, Kyan, Allen Mckendree, Danni Minogue, The Drifters, Sean McGuire, Jayn Hanna, Kawala, Kristian Leontiou, One Eskimo, Richard Newman, Cubanate, Graham Fuller, Annie Lennox, Angela Kaset, Dane Bowers, Warren Mailey Smith, Hamfatter, Kyan, Asta, Wez Clarke, ZombieboynKennym and John Martyn, and many more.


Parlophone/EMI, Arista, VC, Jive/Zomba, Pepper, Multiply, Ten Ten Music, Concept Music, Slick City, Cleveland City, S:alt, M.F.F., Warner Chappell, Warner Brothers, C.E.G., BMG Music and London Records and more.


Dragons Den, Boston Kickout, Geotech Red, Cable & Wireless,, Carlsberg, Dark Angel, Ski Sunday.

Payment Plan Options

Make payments more manageable by setting up a pre-payment plan.

Service pre-payment plan

•20% deposit on any booking to secure service type and booking date

•Three months at 0% interest from deposit date

•Payment balance of any package is then split over three monthly instalments, on the 1st of each month by digital banking

•All services must be paid for in total by the booking date.


Demo EP: £1,500

20% deposit: £300

Monthly instalments over 3 months: £400 per month (equivalent to £20 per week per member for a five piece band)