Are you needing a little extra guidance?

Do you have a music project that you perhaps need some extra guidance on? You might be just starting out, or an establish band, label or music business, who just need the answers to that certain something. Our team have over 26 years music industry experience, and can help advise you on any aspect of your project, be it small or large.


From artist development, project management, publishing deals, dealing with major labels, completing an album, raising finances, correcting a recording, building and equipping a studio, copyright issues, collection society advice and distribution. Whatever your problem, our turnaround music consultancy can help.

Some of our previous consultancy clients include:

The Arts Council England, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge, Jazz F.M., Evolve Relationship Management, Storm Songs, Wembley, Club Wembley, Hyman Capital and many more.

Other Music Services Include

Producer Master Classes
Online Session Musicians
CD & Vinyl Replication
Artwork & Design
Studio Equipment Supply
Studio Trouble shooting
Studio Installs
Acoustic Treatment
Tour Bus & Band Logistics
Music Videos
Social Media Presence
Audio Transfer to multiple formats
Music Technology Tuition
Apple & PC User Tuition
Website Design & Management